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Let’s go back in time, or do I have to say waaaay back in time, back to our beloved childhood. Picture yourself again as a 5 year old little Disney fan. What was your favourite movie? Some stuffed their room with bedsheets, posters, teddybears and pj’s from 101 Dalmatiërs and others (like me) were obsessed with Disney princesses.


A few years ago Disney started a new trend: live- action remakes of some of their iconic movies. Through the years, I must say that I haven’t always been a fan of how they reinvented these classics. Sometimes they add way too much scenes, leave out memorable sequences or simply make it unrecognizable. Praise the Disney Gods this wasn’t the case with their newest addition ‘Beauty and the Beast’


For me, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was one of my favourite fairytales EVER. Since last year I have been eagerly waiting for this movie to be released. I just died a little when Disney spoiled Emma Watson was going to play ‘Belle’. Afterwards I died a little more when they dropped pictures of her golden ball gown and in the end I had to call 911 when the official trailer went online.

Since I’ve been a fan of this sweet young farmers girl who chased her dreams, chose adventure and found true love in the end, I was over excited when I got my exclusive VIP invite for the Belgian screening. The Vaudeville theatre in Galerie de la Reine was the perfect setting for this enchanting happening.


Now let’s talk movie language! Hands in the air for the director of this movie, Bill Condon. In my opinion he really did a great job. The director stayed true to the original story. If you’ve seen the animation movie you will be able to connect with almost every single scene. The few additions to the story line only do the movie good. The most memorable is without a doubt the first ever homosexual character, Le Fou, who is secretly in love with hottie Gaston.


The cast literally blew me away. Every single one of them just nailed it. In the beginning I thought it was going to be a hard nut to crack saying bye bye to Hermione Granger, but in the end, she took her princess role to the next level. The real life Gaston, played by Luke Evans, was even hotter than his animated version, so that’s a good thing. Actor Dan Stevens took on the roll of The Beast. Knowing puppeteering in a big muscle suit on stilts isn’t quite easy, he did a great job.


Let’s not forget about our beloved tablewear. Emma Thompson, also known as Nanny McPhee, played misses Potts. Ian McKellen went for Pendule and last but not least Ewan McGregor played the best version of Lumière ever seen!


I just can’t finish this article without praising the beautifully crafted songs and stunning costumes. From the beginning to the end, I just sang along like a little child and kept on crying till my eyes turned horrifying red and almost fell out. Let’s make one thing clear: The iconic yellow/ golden shimmery ball gown was beyond expectations. The smile on my face was undeniable so Jacqueline Durran this one is for you: “you go girl!”

Bottomline: put on your coat, drive as fast as you can to your nearest cinema and go watch ‘Beauty and the Beast’ right now!
Relax, let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents, your dinner. #beourguest

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