Café Costume X Alex Salinas

Hi Guys,
Last week I was invited for the book launch of The visitor of Café Costume in corporation 
with Alex Salinas and Bent Van Looy

The Visitor brings slow fashion and the production industry together
and shows the contrast between both worlds.
The similarities and differences between craft on one side and production on the other side
are displayed in a very surprising way.

It was a pleasure to be there because we were not only informed about the book also
about the concept of Café Costume, nice suits and great tailoring.
I also want to thank Oona for inviting me and making it a successful event and a
special thanks to Moonlight Matters for the great music vibes!

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Written by

Matthias Geerts

Founder and writer

"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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