I am Nominated!


Hi guys,

I am nominated for the Mercedes-Benz Best Dressed Man Awards 2015. This in an award show in Belgium sponsored by several big brands. I would be awesome if I could win this price, I would be great publicity for my blog.

This is why I am hoping for your support. All I need is your vote! How to do this? Well, just follow the link below and follow the steps. However, this site is only in Dutch and French, this is why I made a small tutorial for all my foreign readers. This way you can vote without understanding the language. Please watch my video below and you’ll see how easy it is. It only takes a couple of minutes. Furthermore, there are some great prices to win so don’t hesitate to vote for me.

Thank you for reading and thanks for taking the time for me!


Matthias Geerts

Founder and writer

  • Hi Matt. You got my vote! Thank you for the tutorial, that’s very helpful. Best of luck and keep us updated!

  • Mohsen

    it was too hard but finally I vote to you, I really should learn french.
    by the way the link you put on this page is ill(I mean the link above).I must copy and paste it because when i click on it an error show up

    • Oh thanks for your vote! I’m gonna fix that error thanks for mention it! 😉

"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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