Let the sun shine on!

Hi Guys!

Finally something new for you!
and there are a lot of blogs coming up soon..
Everything has it’s end also this summer has.

The temperatures are lowering and the days are getting shorter, but like you can see on this picture the sun was still shining bright !!

So I thought it will be the last sunny shoot for this year, 
I had to take advantage from this moment!

I took my awesome cap that I bought in New York, 
Lids store combined with a brown jean from Guess!
This all together with a simple V-neck t-shirt and a cool shirt by Superdry makes this shoot really look like the end of summer.

I had to think really long about the name for this look and after a while I got it haha..

Let the sun shine on! 
Hopefully I won’t have to miss you too long. 

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Matt G

I’m wearing:

Denim (Guess) Shirt (Superdry) – V neck (H&M)
Shoes (Men@work) – Hat (New Era)

Matthias Geerts

Founder and writer

"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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