Put together

Hi Guys,

I couldn’t wake up this morning! I think I even snoozed at least 5 times. 
Sometimes Tuesdays are even worse then Mondays, don’t you think? 

However, I have a new look for you that I shot last weekend. 
I was looking in my wardrobe and thinking about what I could mix and max without being
 too convenient!

I chose for my black and white squared dress trousers and thought why not combine it with
 a denim jacket, a casual grey sweater and some white all-stars! 
So although I chose first to wear dressed trousers, I put it together with all kinds of casual
 items. Let me know what you think about this combination by commenting below.
Now time to get in action!

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I’m wearing:
Denim Jacket (Levi’s) Long Sleeve shirt (H&M)
Trousers (Zara) – Shoes (Converse, Allstars)
Matthias Geerts

Founder and writer

"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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