Review: Rituals Samurai

Hey Guys, 

Finally my first grooming post. Today we’re talking about the new 
line of Rituals for men, Samurai.

Japenese Samurai warriors have known for centuries that a strict grooming routine gives you more power and confidence.
It is with this account wisdom, that Rituals brings you the Ancient Samurai collection exclusively for men!

Face the challenges of everyday life.

I had the opportunity to test the whole collection of Samurai myself. 
Before this post I tested the products by using them in my daily routine for over month..
I have to say that these Japanese Samurai warriors were right..

I do not only feel better mentally but also physically you can feel the difference. 
My skin has a better and softer texture after using these products for a while. 
The herbal essences and deep moisturizing creams and foams have a freshening and vitalizing effect. 

Furthermore the shower gel and hair shampoo  have a lovely scent (organic bamboo and Japanese mint) and were soft to apply.
My hair feels stronger and more vital.
My general conclusion is that Rituals has made a full collection of daily essential skin care products for men with a great formulation and unique aroma.
Thanks to Rituals for supplying me with these wonderful products. 

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Written by

Matthias Geerts

Founder and writer

  • they seem like great products for men!

  • Rituals heeft inderdaad heerlijke producten! Gave foto’s met dat zwart-wit, past perfect bij Rituals!

    Rituals has exquisite products indeed! Cool photos with black and white filter, it perfectly fits Rituals!


  • BANGELIJKE SHOOT!!! hands down bro

    Greets jon,

  • Anonymous

    Looking good Matt! Greetings from the Philippines! =)

  • I expected it to be expensive but its not
    Totally gonna get this 🙂
    Also I love your blog (and IG), been reading it for a month now

    • Yeah the products are pretty affordable and the quality is so damn good! 😀
      Thank you for following, means a lot! 😉

  • Anonymous

    There was a time when the small things we did had a significant ritual to it. But we lost that key word… time.

    Great post!!! No doubts on trying out these products.

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