Summer Superdry

I love summer, but who doesn’t?
The season you can wear cool colors, when there is no need for a jacket, you can put on some nice sunglasses and you are surrounded by summer music…
The beats are always better during this time of the year and you get to experience crazy summer vibes…

Flashy colors, are totally in, like I told you before.
So I chose for this amazing light green shirt of superdry!

This month I’ll post a blog with a very high level of neon..
But that is for later, come back daily to check it out!

For now, Check out what I’m wearing and let me know if you like or not? 

Feel free to share! 

Matt G

Matthias Geerts

Founder and writer

"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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