Tea Time at La Sultana Hotels

On our third day in Marrakech we decided to have a relaxing morning somewhere other than our own Riad. I’ve read that the La Sultana Hotels had a very photogenic pool and corners. I definitely wanted to check that out – since our hotel didn’t have the biggest breakfast variety – to try something new. Upon arrival, we were welcomed warmly, as the breakfast buffet was already waiting for us. I strongly recommend overnighting here if possible, they’re booked out pretty quickly, every time, but if you book enough in advance, it wouldn’t be a problem.
The breakfast was really good. Afterwards, we spent some time together in the “White Riad”, enjoying moroccan tea. I was wearing a new pair of Komono shades. I’m a big fan of this particular collection. They’re so vintage, all the while being so trendy. Their colored glasses kind of give me an Elton John vibe. Dunno why I think that’s cool, but I love them.

They also perfectly matched my tea. I have them in a few other colors, but this pair and the yellow pair are def. my favorite. I think I’ll get one more in blue soon – they’re so perfect – for the festivals. Scroll down to see more of the cute tea settings of La Sultana.

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Matthias Geerts

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