That Dublin Trip

Ah, Dublin. The capital of Ireland. Home to the almost-pitch-black-beer of Guinness and the pubs that pour it, a lot of pubs that pour it. Visiting Dublin makes you feel like getting blast back in time.

It’s an amazing city with a lot of cultural heritage and must-see spots. The variety between modern and historical characterises this wondrous place. Its history is immense and very diverse. From Roman footprints to celtic reigns. The four-leaf clover surely watches over this wonderful place of cultural festivity.

Our visit to Dublin brought us to some of the most amazing Irish sites in the whole country! And Ireland’s Eye’s ‘New Dawn’ collection certainly helped us keeping warm during those cold Irish winter days, strolling around the city! Not to mention that they were present at the international trade event of “Showcase 2019.” Now, let’s get into that trip!

1. Showcase 2019

The Irish international trade event of the year! More than 450 Irish designers, artists, manufacturers and craftsmen come down here to showcase their work from the past year! With over 26 different nationalities present at the gathering, Showcase makes for a must-see event for fashionistas and lifestyle enthusiasts.

2. Drury Buildings

With a place in the official Michelin Guide of 2019, this place definitely is worth a visit. The combination of a wide variety of Italian dishes and a ‘New-York-loft-like’ interior makes you forget of being in one of Europe’s oldest cities. Not to mention that their prices are as sharp as their arrabiata sauce!

3. The Hairy Lemon

One of Dublin’s trendiest pubs! This place is rich of block buster heritage and old city legends. Typical Irish dishes, fine beers and exquisite quality makes this the perfect place for an afternoon dish or a late night dinner!

4. Pygmalion

This cocktail bar turned night club is outrageous! Whether you’d like a professionally
shaken martini or a good old beer straight from the barrel. It’s all there! Not to mention the ambient atmosphere.

5. Guinness Brewery

The Guinness beer and brewery are icons for the city of Dublin! It’s also one of the best kept secret recipes — probably like any other beer — amongst breweries and beer enthusiasts. Yet it has a certain charm that makes it stand out above all the others. It’s the heritage and the historical architecture around it all, literally and figuratively! You can take a tour with a specialised guide at one of the oldest breweries in town with a special treat at the end, a nice pint of Guinness served with a view over the historic city of Dublin!

"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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