The US Roadtrip Series

With the new year up and running, we introduce our first ever travel series. And where else to start than in the United States of America. Architectural wonders, mesmerising national parks and astonishing nature. We divided the series up in three parts. The first series will take you all the way across the must-see-parts of the American East Coast, starting from The Big Apple and ending in the tropical mangroves of the Florida keys.

Below, the list of expected episodes for the upcoming weeks!With every day and place comes a suggestion of a recommended stay and time of visit! 

New York

The Big Apple. There are countless activities, museums and city parts to discover in this worldly city. It’s immense. But that’s something we don’t need to tell you, do we?


Philadelphia is the birthplace of America. The first Continental Congress was held here and the Declaration of Independence was signed in this very city!

Washington D.C.

Home of Frank Underwood, playground of John McClane. We mean come on, what’s not to love about this place? Except maybe the man sitting in the oval today, yeah.


Williamsburg is actually an independent city, so it makes for a little state on its own! But beside that, it has a rich history and many places to visit!


It was the first ever settlement of the British. So it was the very first place where the Englishmen decided to stay permanently! And it has carried that history ever since. Nevertheless, the scenery along the road really is amazing!


This really is a nice drive through town! Nice to stop for a snack or some coffee and a chat with some locals. It was the home of a very fierce battle in times of the revolutionary wars!


This is truly amazing. The Outerbanks are a set of string islands of 200 miles long! Perfect for a couple of days of relaxing, bathing and nice food!


This makes for the largest city in the state of South Carolina! Nice architecture, restaurants and coffee bars included!


Savannah is one of these towns that kept their colonial identity. The architecture alone makes you want to buy a place there!


Orlando was the scene of one of he bloodiest shootings in American history. Many young people of the LGBT community died because of fanatic and fundamental thinking. It really

is worth the visit. Not only to feel the presence of this strong spirit among the locals, but also for the fun things around the place, like Disneyland of Universal for example.


Beaches, hotels, luxury, drinks, good food and nonetheless founded by a woman!

Florida Keys

Get lost in the Florida Keys. Mangroves, Island strings, white beaches and tropical temperatures. It literally is heaven on earth.

So get ready for weekly episodes! Next sopt? New York!

"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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