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Hi guys,
Tuesday is my H&M-day! 
You’ve already seen me in a dapper outfit and a casual look for H&M’s new spring collection. 
However today I’m showing you something completely different again, loungewear! 
To shoot this outfit I thought I would show you how my Sunday mornings most of the time
 looks like. This is how it goes, I wake up and put on something comfy, I make a cup of tea
 (I’m always drinking green tea), grab my MacBook and jump right back into bed again. 
I can’t resist to check my social media first but when I’m done with that I try to focus myself and start editing some pictures, 
it takes quite some time before I get everything as I want so
 that’s why I do it in the morning. 
Blogging and writing on the other hand is something I prefer to do in the evening. 
When I finish with the pictures my day finally starts, 
however I try to wear my loungewear as long as possible, its just so easygoing.
Again these items are a selection of David Beckham for H&M, actually it’s an extension of his existing underwear collection for H&M. 
The fabric of the sweater and joggers is very comfy and soft. 
Actually I really love the joggers; they are of great quality and I love the print in the fabric. 
Its perfect for at day home but I will also wear it a lot to go to the gym. 

Again I have to tell you that you still have to wait a little longer to get your hands on one of 
these great pieces of H&M selected by David Beckham. 
To be precise, 
5th of March is the date they will be available worldwide at.
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I’m wearing:
Jogging (c/o H&M) Sweater (c/o H&M)
t-shirt (c/o H&M)
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"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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