3 designer sneakers to elevate your look

The elevated sneaker trend is incredibly hot right now, it can make an outfit pop and also makes a great piece to splurge on. Designer sneakers can work with your outfit whether you are wearing a pair of sweat pants and running around town or you are wearing suit and wanting to differentiate yourself from the rest.

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This is the why we love designer sneakers because you can dress them up or down and it is definitely going get you comments. If you are splurging on one of these shoes makes sure it is something more neutral so you can wear it in multiple situation and something more timeless. Collected bellow are these recommendation for sneakers that will sure to upgrade your outfit while being versatile enough to carry you through multiple seasons and outfits. Not thinking of the chunky Triple S Balenciagas!

A cult symbol of the luxury sneaker market and one of my favorites is the Common Project Achilles. The quintessential minimalist luxury sneaker made with luxurious Italian nappa leather with a signature gold serial number printed on the side that will only be noticed by other luxury sneaker aficionados. The subtle clean, yet luxurious silhouette of this sneaker will raise you above the rest, if you really want to be in with the trend consider wearing it with a suit.


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It is perfect with statement pants like in the picture above, the deep white color can complement any outfit. You really can’t go wrong with these and if you want something edgier I recommend getting the blush pink color, it is the perfect pop of color.

With a combination of smooth suede and patent toecaps the Lavin Cap-Toe Suede And Patent-Leather Sneakers are a designer take on a classic sneaker. Using a design and materials most commonly used in tuxedo or dress shoes, these sneakers take it to the next level. Perfect for your next cocktail party or around the office. It straddles the condundrum of being casual sneakers you can wear in a more upscale event. It makes this outfit of jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket more refined and elegant perfect for a night out. 



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Classic French brand Saint Laurent adds its flair on the classic high-top sneaker with the Court Classic Sl/06 in cloth, are a distressed luxurious classic. Each shoe is distressed by hand so you are buying a unique pair that is sure to be a conversation starter. With the brand name seemingly sketched in pen, it mixes casual style with high fashion. The high-top style pages homage to a more street style look while keeping it classy and luxurious. Style it with vintage skinny jeans and a black t-shirt to create a timeless look with a flair. 

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I really believe in investing in a few great pieces that are of outstanding quality and are both trendy and classic. All these sneakers, you can continue to wear over and over while still being in trend and elevating your look. 


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