3 Jewelry Brands to Check Out

An extremely easy way to differentiate your outfit from the rest is by adding jewelry to it. It is the perfect finishing touch and makes you look like you put a lot of thought into what you are wearing. Jewelry can really show your personality, be a conversation piece, or just be something to add layers with. These starter jewelry piece will allow you to experiment with what works best for you. For a more advanced style of wearing jewelry, I really encourage layering. Just like with clothes layering adds dimension and visual interest, a good way to layer jewelry is to mix different materials, combine a metal cuff with a few braided bracelets. All of your jewelry doesn’t have to be designer, I love combining rope or braided bracelets, that I have picked up on trips with designer metal cuffs. This high low combination tells a story and is aesthetically on point. Below are some curated pieces, I would recommend wearing with any pieces you already have, it is also worth checking out these specific brands.

Abel Hegyes


A U.S based jewelry brand, Miansai is best known for their fish hook and anchor bracelets, but have expanded to included cuffs, rings, and necklaces. Every piece is locally made in the U.S, from carefully selected materials like leather, gold and rhodium. The minimalist aesthetic makes it the perfect accessory to wear with any outfit. If you are feeling more adventurous their newly launched sterling silver necklace line is a bold addition to any look.

If you are looking for an everyday piece I would recommend the sterling silver anchor bracelet with light brown leather. It is a more elevated take on the classic anchor bracelet and makes a subtle yet impactful look.


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Tawo, harmoniously combines elegance and ruggedness, this Belgian based brand curates handmade silver jewelry pieces. Being handmade each piece is unique with inspiration from nature. This inspiration of nature contributes to create some inspiring and beautiful pieces. I recommend wearing it on the opposite wrist as your watch, adding that extra flair to your outfit. My favorite is the braided cuff pictured here, intricately crafted yet subtle, each piece is hand crafted making it unique. Dress it up or down, it works perfectly. Explore the other parts of the collection to see other styles and designs.

Cast of Vices

From something a bit more edgy and almost allegoric, Cast of Vices,a Los Angeles based jewelry brand invites you to take a humorous look at society’s issues. Inspired by everyday disposal yet significant items of our lives. From silver cast hospital bracelets to pen cap pendants this brand really makes a statement and will definitely be a conversation started. This is jewelry you should wear when you are going out and wanting to draw some attention to yourself. Wear it with a white t-shirt and leather jacket. My favorite is the golden zip tie, it asks you to think about the conundrum of casting something so disposable in something as precious as gold. You will not find someone wearing the same piece as you. I recommend looking for a piece that really speaks to your personality.



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