3 Options to wear for the Holidays

Hey Guys,

A new holiday post is up! And because you guys always ask what to wear this time of the year we’ve made a special selection for you of how to dress up for your family dinners, pre parties, receptions, balls, etc.
We’ve teamed up with Designer Outlet Roermond, which for me is one of the best places to score a nice outfit, but also gifts. Especially if you love to invest in some designer pieces like I do.
They always have great promotions as they have outlet prices on each item already, see brand tags by outfit photos. Denzel and I went shopping together and here you’ll find some possible options of what to wear for this amazing time of the year.

1. Casual Wear
The first is the least formal, one I would wear for celebrating Christmas with friends staying over. Or for example when you’re all going out to the Christmas market having hot drinks and gingerbread. I’m wearing a casual trousers with white kicks, a cosy Christmas sweater, a bomber jacket and scarf to stay warm. 
Basically a causal outfit with a Christmas twist. Denzel chose a warm coat with a simple beige pull underneath combined with dressed trousers and some Chelsea boots.

Jacket: Sandro, pull: Ted Baker, scarf: Sandro, sneakers: Karl Lagerfeld, watch: Longines

2. Casual Chique

Personally my favorite one, because it’s still feels casual but you’re kinda dressed up. – These looks are perfect for a dinner with your family. When you want to dress up and represent yourself nicely for you grandparents, aunts and uncles, but still not to formal. I mean you’re still at home having dinner, right?
Actually I never got the whole dressing up part. We’re putting on our best clothes to eventually be running around in your own kitchen. A bit strange when you think about it no? As such I think this is the perfect look for that.

Denzel; coat: Ted Baker, pull: Tiger of Sweden, shoes: Sandro.
Matthias; trousers: Sandro, pull: Tiger of Sweden, sneakers: Karl Lagerfeld, scarf: Sandro

Trousers: Armani, Pull: Cavallaro Napoli, Coat: Karl Lagerfeld, Watch: Balmain, Shoes: Sandro.

3. Chique (Formal wear)

Last but not least the most dapper, proper, fancy outfit of all of them. A total suit, nice accessories, hair on fleek and smile on! – Perfect outfit for when going out to a fancy party, dinner in a decent restaurant.
You don’t want to be the one who shows up in jeans or colored trousers. NO! Go for a complete suit and dress to impress, after all it’s Christmas/NYEa and this happens only once a year.

Matthias; Suit: Cavallaro Napoli, Shoes: Tiger of Sweden, Tie and tie bar: Ted Baker
Denzel; Suit: Armani, Tie: Ted Baker, Watch: Longines.

I hope this post helped you out a bit. I mean, every occasion is different and you’ll have to adapt your outfit to the occasion. This is very important! – If you have any doubts during the holidays please mail me, DM me and I’ll be very happy to help you out with your outfit. That’s why I’m here for right?!

Happy (fashionable) holidays guys!

Thank you Designer Outlet Roermond for sponsoring this post.


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