3 Reasons for men to take better care of their skin

Men and skin care. A world upside down? Actually, not really. There are multiple reasons to argue that men actually desperately need to take care of their skin. Daily routines, habits and even everyday body care itself can damage a man’s skin without him even knowing it himself. Let’s look at some of them, a little bit closer. 1. Shaving
Shaving supposedly is a man’s habit, no doubts there. Whether it’s a daily routine, or a weekly recurring thing, it doesn’t matter. The fact is that shaving really damages a man’s skin. The moisture barrier gets damaged, therefore it gets more susceptible to irritation and voila, there they are, the red looking dried out spots. Get rid of the laziness and take care of the ‘aftercare’. A moisturiser or a skin specific aftershave may result into miracles. Or if you and your laziness are willing to give a proper dime for a good shave, you can always visit a barber shop from time to time.

2. Thick Skin
A man’s skin is as much as twenty to thirty percent thicker than that of their female counterpart. Therefore it takes much more than your girlfriend’s, wife’s or mom’s regular cleanser to get rid of irregularities like black spots or these nasty red and white headed poppers. Days of social media and professional appearance make that proper skincare is almost essential to success. Visiting a aesthetician is never a bad idea, as he/she can probably give you a proper analysis of your personal skincare needs.

3. Sun and UV Exposure
Sun and UV exposure are main factors in the development of skin cancer for men and women alike. However the rate of men suffering from skin cancer is higher than that of women. Again it is important for men to keep their skin moisturised – preferably with a sun protection factor – through the day. Especially hot summer days and cold but sunny winter days ask for more care.

And after all, these scientifically proven remedies and tips have a common result in the end. Better skin care will keep you looking fresher, younger and better in general. Isn’t that worth the extra couple of minutes in front of your mirror?

"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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