3 wireless headphones to get in the zone

Life can be full of distractions, whether your office is noisy or the person next to you at the gym won’t stop whooping while they lift their weights. Headphones usually help you get in the zone, but not when noise pollution bleeds into the mix, the following 3 wireless headphones are filled with technology to ensure that won’t happen.


Headphones tend to block out or mask other sounds, isolating the user from the environment. This is very valuable for people seeking an intimate, focused listening experience. Young music fans often choose feather light earphones that are worn in the ear, but earphones do not even come close to the quality and accuracy delivered by the latest headphones on the market. When choosing headphones, you should first determine whether you need an open or closed back model. Closed models usually have a plastic shell that covers the back of the ear cushions, blocking out ambient sound to provide much more isolation than open designs. Open headphones are often more comfortable to wear for extended periods, as closed back headphones tend to be heavier and clamp more securely to the head. So, choose wisely is you want to buy new headphones. If you like listening to music while working out, but prefer greater fidelity than consumer earphones offer, open back professional headphones are a good choice for both sound quality and safety because they are light and perfect for your active lifestyle. On the other hand, if you prioritize complete isolation, want to get rid of the surrounding noise for instance on an airplane and want the best listening experience, you need to consider closed back headphones. With this information in mind I made a top 3 of the wireless headphones that are now on the market.

1. SONY WH-1000XM2

Featuring premium sound quality and active noise cancellation, these SONY headphones block out up to 20dB of unwanted ambient noise, making them the perfect pick for air travel. There are also those times you just want a few moments of peace and quiet. And for those moments you want to blast your favorite songs. Plus, they’re comfortable enough to wear all day, with the ability to quickly fold up into the included case to keep them safe while you travel. Furthermore, they deliver up to 30 hours of battery.

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2. Dr. Dre Beats Studio 3

A very high-quality product that delivers excellent listening experience with a very cool design. They are compact, comfortable and if you find yourself using Apple products like I do, then you can benefit from the added convenience of being able to seamlessly connect between all of your devices. However, in quality the SONY WH-1000XM2 headphones outperform these headphones in bass response and battery life.
Side note: there has been quite a buzz that Apple may launch a pair of over-the-ear headphones under its own brand instead of Beats. The new model may debut in the beginning of this year so we are pretty curious what this will bring.

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3. Urban Hellas Trail

Much lower in price the Urbanears headphones offer a great alternative for people that do not want to spend too much money but still want to enjoy a high-quality music experience. This in an on-the-ear model offering less noise reduction and isolation but still very perfect for your daily active lifestyle. Furthermore, they are sweat resistant and come with washable and removable straps and ear pads, perfect after a good workout in the gym or run in the park.

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I hope this helps you in the decision making of your new headphones. Finally, I am also curious to know your experience with the headphones you have so feel free to share your reamarks in the comments below.


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