4 Iconic sunglasses every man should know

Sunshine has arrived in the country. Guess what this means, time to get those dusty sunglasses out of your wardrobe. Some sunglasses really made their statement in history, other styles reoccur every 4-5 years. We made a list of sunglasses you better not throw away when you’re bored of them. Because we are pretty sure they will be trending again in a couple of years.


1. The Wayfarer
Madonna, Bruno Mars, Elvis Costello and so many others whore these sunglasses. They were mostly iconic in the sixties but they had a huge revival about 5 years ago. You can wear the Wayfarer with a white T-shirt and a leather jacket for the perfect Grease-look or just wear them with a loose summer shirt for some sunny Miami vibes.

foto credtis : Andre Hamann

2. The Aviator
The pilot sunnies, “think Tom Cruise in Top gun”. They originate from the thirties and are probably the most iconic model from Ray-Ban. The model is timeless nor modern, you can wear them with a classy look and sleek waxed hair to the back for that ultimate Wolf of Wall street feeling.

foto credtis : Adam Gallagher

3. The Teashades
Also known as the Hippie glasses. Seen on John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourne and Liam Gallagher. These timeless sunnies are best paired with a pastel look, look for inspiration here (link naar artikel over pastel) or with a look combined out of different earth tones. Don’t go for prints with these sunglasses, they are the eye catcher.

foto credits : Giaro Giarratana

4. The Clubmaster
My favorite glasses of all time. If you get them as opticals you’ll get the classic nerd glasses, put some shades on the glasses all you get these iconic sunnies. How to wear them? How not, you can wear them at the beach, at a summer cocktail or at a wedding. Wear the iconic ones in brown (with print) or in black based on your outfit. Make them a little more modern with colored mirror glasses.


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