48 Hours In Ipoh

Denzel Van Tilburg

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blogpost ever!

Let’s start off with a small introduction about myself. I’m a Belgian International Business student who loves to explore different cultures. Some of you might already know me as the buddy of Matthias Geerts. Actually he was a big part of my inspiration to travel further then I had ever been before. Together we went to Bali & Java, which, for me, was one of the best experiences in my life! After that I decided to go even further and so I did my Erasmus in Chile ?? Soon I realised that traveling makes you richer as a person and that it is something I never want to stop doing! Now I’ve touched down in Malaysia and want to continue this passion by writing about it and hopefully inspire and entertain you along the way!
Soooo: About the 48 hours I can already tell you it was a little less as I overslept myself after a long working week in Kuala Lumpur. The custom long working hours in Asia are taking their toll on me haha.
As a result me and Cedric had to take the bus instead of the train, which took about an hour extra for us to get there… The first part I did some sleeping but when I woke up I found myself surrounded with beautiful green landscapes.
This country is so rich of fertile grounds that you even see huge and steep rocks full of plants and trees. It’s amazing…

After checking in at the Container Hotel we decided to go and visit the Gunung Rapat temple. That did’t work out too well for us as we stood before a closed gate and we got busted trying to get past it… 😀 Luckily some friendly locals were willing to take us to another place called Kek Long Tong. This limestone temple cave was quite impressive with a gigantic garden at the end of the cave.

345It was perfect to take some nice pictures before heading back to the city to grab something to eat & drink.

78The next morning we got up a bit hungover as we ended up ordering over 2 towers of beer and thus were in desperate need of a spa.
And what a spa we found… The Banjaran: a pearl on the edges of Ipoh with the hot water sources as their main feature.
Actually this is a place where people go for their honeymoon and I can imagine why.
A place where your mind can drift away and your body can come to ease. Daily yoga sessions, meditation halls, kind personal, steam caves, pools, hot springs and of course the beautiful scenery is what sets them apart from the other Hotels in Ipoh. Here you can see my colleague Cedric and me on the platform after a yoga attempt
Things got even more impressive when it started raining and you could see the vapours rising over the hot water while we were sitting in the 44 degrees tub. I’ve never enjoyed rain as much as then 😀

6After exploring the area we had a sandwich and my favourite Belgian fries! After 2 weeks of noodles and rice I was in heaven getting this plate in front of me! Doesn’t it look great??

18The hot springs and steam caves made us a bit fuzzy so we decided to cool off at the feet tickling fish pool. You know those fish that eat the dead skin of your feet? Man they are ruthless haha! The feeling is CRAZY! But with the scenery of the Banjaran relaxation is guaranteed. See some impressions I made down below. Or even better: go check it out yourself!

910111213141617After a relaxing day we headed back to KL, fully charged for another educative working week.

Written by Denzel Van Tilburg


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