4S Villas at Seminyak Square

Matthias Geerts



Hey Guys,


I haven’t yet found allot of time to write about my hug trip through Indonesia last summer. But I can promise you they are on the way!


You probably all already saw some of it on my social media, or at least you should have!
I was there for about 3 weeks with my bro @denzelvt. Where we expanded our boundaries by discovering new places, islands and cultures, going on adventures and meeting some new people, including some of my fans.


When I came back people were asking me all the time about what places to go to and where it was good to go eat. Honestly, I don’t even know where to start so perhaps it would be better to put it all-in writing for you guys. Besides, I am leaving for Chile in 3 weeks and thus will have a whole new story to share.


Let us start with the unique 4S Villas, where we stayed 2 nights during our time in Seminyak. It’s actually located in the centre at Seminyak square. Surprisingly, when you arrive, you will find nothing but peace and quietness since it has it’s own private zone just 200 meters from the busy square.


With their 4 villas they wanted to create something special, for every villa being decorated according to its own tropical ingredient: Sun, Sea, Sand or Sky.
We where amazed when we first entered our Sea Villa by the peacefulness and unique character of the place. A nice place to lay down after visiting the busy but cosy city centre.
And well, I guess the pictures speak for itself.


Relaxing at the pool with a nice cocktail and some good music vibes….
Man I want to go back there! And ooooh I shall 😉


Have a great day.











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