5 Male Influencers You Need To Follow

And here they come: The Fashion predators, who through their social media channels inspire global masses with an eclectic yet invincible allure. At Matt G Style, we came together with a list of 5 top Influencers who you should sneak to gain inspiration from!

Chidozie Obasi

Dennis Van Peel
Belgian-born Content Creator, Dennis Van Peel started pursuing his passion for blogging just as a hobby around 3 years ago. He managed to gain international press by attending Fashion Weeks in Milan, Paris and Florence. His key style inspirations derive from magazines, seasonal shows and digital influencers. Amongst them, he mentions Matthias Geerts, Marc Forne, Andreas Wijk, Declanchan, Mrjulls and more.

Guido Milani

With his mother being the principal pillar of his childhood, owning a communications agency back in the day, Guido Milani had a flair for the creative sphere of knowledge ever since his early days.

The Milan based Creative Director and Influencer, who now collaborates for brands of an international calibre, is also an editorial coordinator at Think Twice Magazine. The platform enables him to focus on the core values surrounding sustainability, its ethos and philosophy.

Following his instinct, he loves simplicity and things which aren’t too hard to portray.

Bossing a minimal yet experimental style, he finds delight in minimalism adding an extravagant touch to details. Key inspiration derives from an array of people, such as: stylists, designers, celebrities and established film and TV stars from the 70’S and 80’s.

Fabio Gesualdo

Italian born, with an innate disposition for creativity and aesthetics, Fabio took on an Art History degree in Milan, which enabled him to kick off his primary steps within the fashion field by opening a blog and an Instagram account, where he posts daily outfits.

The drive for Fashion begun at the age of 18, when he firstly purchased a pair of classic Gucci sneakers.

Years of experience gave him the necessary confidence to create his own web space: The Black-Haired Boy. Despite not having a professional camera to take the shots, with the help of one of his dearest friends he commenced his long-waited journey into the blogging world.

Fabio focuses on purchasing statement pieces that can withstand the test of time, in order for him to use them over the years. His style choice revolves around a blend of minimal, classic and street apparel.

Simone Pollastri

Crazy curled and with a colossal smile, Simone Pollastri is the purest definition of a modern-day micro influencer, who builds a cohesive networking through his social platforms and by attending product launces as a brand ambassador. Represented by Wannabe Management, further activities he pursues are video making and photography.

His role has enabled him to collaborate with some of the world’s leading brands, which count Calvin Klein, Diesel, Rebook, Karl Lagerfeld, Loewe and more.

Thriving an insatiable appetite from minimalist apparel, Simone mixes streetwear and leisure wear in a chic and dandy way, trying to be distinct and unique.

Simon Nygard

Finnish born macro Influencer Simon Nygard has owned a tenacious soul for Fashion since a young age. With a career began in 2010, he kicked off working full time in Paris full time as a model, stylist assistant and Creative Director of his own jewellery line, SIMONN.

“Walking on the runway, assisting on shoots, creating jewellery… I was living my creativity!” – says Simon.

The influencer finds the best inspiration in all that surrounds him. It can range from an object, colour, shape or a structure. He adapts that feeling and image to his look and style.

“Take it into the streets as that’s exactly where life happens. It’s where we happen to have the most genuine inspirations.”

In terms of style, he tries to mix what he likes from future trends associating it what he wears daily, alongside bold utilitarian accessories as emphatic details.


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