5 tips to look younger

Matthias Geerts

Men are usually busy with their everyday lives juggling work or school, social activities, and finding time for rest. Everyday’s stresses are huge contributory factors that can make you look a bit older than your actual age. However, a change in lifestyle and grooming routine can be of great help in maintaining a youthful appearance.



Here are some ways that you can do to look younger:


1. Take care of your skin

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While men tend to disregard taking care of their skin, unlike how women meticulously take care of theirs – this is an important process if you want to keep your skin as elastic and clear as possible. Also, do not forget to wear sunscreen if you’ll ever step outside and bask in the sun. Wearing sunscreen helps prevent hyperpigmentation of the skin and keeps you protected from those harmful UV rays.



2. Be active
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One way to keep your body and mind going is a good blood circulation. Engaging in physical activities or exercises increase body’s metabolism, burn unwanted fats, and distributes nutrient and oxygen rich blood all over the body. In return, good blood circulation influences the improvement in skin texture, complexion, and appearance.



3. Color your wardrobe
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While men prefer black, gray, white, navy blue, and sometimes brown in our wardrobe, a small splash of color wouldn’t hurt their manliness. However, it’s important to keep in mind that choosing the right color that suits your personality is crucial. Choose the color that best matches your traits, age, and occupation to highlight yourself as a person. You wouldn’t want to wear a color that can make you look as if you’re a toddler, would you?



4. Improve your diet


This method plays an important role if you want to look younger and healthier. Meal planning and good food choices not only prevent long-term complication of eating high fat and low fiber diet but also works wonders within the body. Creating a well-balanced diet can ensure that you’d get the essential nutrients your body needs.



5. Get enough sleep


Although it sounds hopeless with a busy lifestyle, it’s not completely impossible to get enough sleep. Here’s a trick for that – instead of spending two to three hours in front of a laptop or television, why not reduce the time to an hour or two and sleep one hour earlier than your usual bedtime? Adults are recommended to have at least six hours of sleep at night to ensure optimum functionality the following day. Getting enough sleep can boost your brain and keep you energized throughout the day.




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