6 Must Have Accessories For This Summer!

This summer things are getting tropical!  The influence from designers like Simon Porte Jacquemus with Jacquemus and Jonathan Anderson with Loewe is taking over with some seasonal accessories that we just can’t resist.

Noah Sapon

We’re seeing lots of modern twists on funky retro 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s pieces – from chic little bags, to surfer-esque necklaces made from shells, to beautiful woven bags perfect for anything, whether it’s a trip to the beach or a trendy night out, this summer is providing us with so many amazing pieces to compliment our outfits.  Here is what I decided were my 6 favourites!


1. Jacquemus bags


Simon has released a whole collection of super cute little bags for us to sport this summer.  Coming in a stunning range of colours, there are so many different styles and silhouettes to add that final touch to our seasonal fits.  My personal favourites are ‘Le Pitchou’, ‘Le Gadjo’ and the famous ‘Le Chiquito’.

2. Loewe Paula sunglasses


Jonathan killed it yet again, coming at us with these sunglasses from the third edition of their Paula’s Ibiza collaboration, in 5 different colours (red, yellow, pink, black and blue), these shades are a must have for this summer.  The shape is reminiscent of that of a vintage 60s/70s pair of sunglasses, especially in the red or yellow colour-way, but they have a modern, curvy twist that keeps them up to date and stylish!

3. Bucket hats


Bucket hats are another accessory that we’re seeing a lot this summer, my favourite thing about them is that there are so many different styles!  You can go for the more classic and elegant ‘holiday in the south of France’ look or more for the LA teen skating down Venice beach!  My favourites are the white ‘Le Bob’ from Jacquemus, this multicoloured floral alternative from Noah NYC and another super cool piece from Loewe’s Paula collection, their fisherman/bucket hats.

4. Converse/Converse silhouette


Converse are a shoe that have been on trend for years, but this season especially I have seen a large increase in people sporting the silhouette; the ones you need to pick up are either JW Anderson’s collaborations or the Dior B23 high top sneakers (or both!) – these are a must have this year as they such a subtle yet fashionable piece.  They really can elevate an outfit from average to amazing!

5. Shell necklaces


Now, this is a piece you can purchase almost anywhere!  On your beach holidays this summer you will be able to pick one of these up at almost any market stall while walking down the promenade on a warm evening.  These shell necklaces are such a cheap little feature that can add so much to your outfit!

6. Basket bags


The final accessory on this list is a basket bag!  This is something else you can pick up from a lot of different places, I seem to find them often while vintage shopping, but a few high end brands have released these too!  Paying homage to their Spanish roots, Loewe released the perfect one, hand-woven from Palm leaves and decorated with calf-skin details, this bag is ideal for a day at the beach leading onto an evening meal or drinks; due to it’s sophistication and high-end quality, it’s something you can keep with you in almost any scenario.


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