6 Questions With Diego Barrueco

We chat to the internet prodigy scouted on Tumblr a few years back, who now has evolved into one of the most yearned macro influencers of his generation.

One to watch? Most assuredly.

Chidozie Obasi

Hey there! What’s your full name and where do you come from?

Hi! It’s Diego Barrueco. I’m 28 years old; I was born in Spain, but I currently reside in London.

Would you briefly like to share with us what you do for a living?

It’s very hard to note down my occupation in a few words! I do nothing specifically and I work as a bit of everything. I like keeping as many doors open as I can, and work on projects of different kinds. I find most comfort in the urban side of creativity and I have a huge passion for sneakers!

How did it all start for you?

I was scouted about eight years ago, but I’ve been on social media a bit longer than that, which is what I have enjoyed the most along my journey. Tumblr was my first platform and still my favourite!

Where do you gain inspiration from?

I get inspired from people, brands and music. If I had to pick my biggest inspiration, I would have to name Pharrell Williams: not so much his contemporary style, rather I prefer Pharrell from the early 2000’s, evoking an urban-cool vibe AKA “skater appeal”. 

Any style tips that you’d like to suggest to our audience?

Mhmmm I’d say don’t try too hard. Wear something you feel good and comfortable with. Dress up for yourself, not for the crowd!



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How would you describe your style and what influences you?

In terms of style, I’m very classic. I like simple clothes and great quality. My style is characterised by comfort before anything else. Plain garments are my absolute go-to, so I don’t have to spend much time trying to match up everything ha-ha. I grew up wearing tracksuits everyday because I’ve always been sports-frantic. Such cause influenced my style a lot and nowadays, around 90% of the time I tend to dress up with active wear.



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Een bericht gedeeld door Diego Barrueco (@diegobarrueco) op


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Een bericht gedeeld door Diego Barrueco (@diegobarrueco) op


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