7 Most Fashionable Male Celebrities

Many of today’s trends come from what outfits celebrities are photographed in. We have gathered seven of these stylish and trendsetting celebrities. This list encompasses a wide range of styles but each one is forward thinking and well put together. Their lives are very chaotic and it takes real effort to do all this in style. Use it as an inspiration for your own personal style!

7.Kanye West
Representing a laid back yet minimalist style, he loves to mix high end style with comfortable clothing. He really shows how you can be comfortable and relaxed while still being trendsetting.

Source : Pinterest

6.Ryan Gosling
Always looking crisp and put together, Gosling represents what a true gentleman should dress like. Take him as an inspiration for your everyday or office look.

Source : GQ Magazine

5.Aziz Ansari
His humor isn’t the only thing that shines, he has a relaxed style and he doesn’t shy away from mixing styles, colors and patterns.

Source : Pinterest

4.Armie Hammer
Thrown into the main stream by the movie Call Me By Your Name. Effortless refined style characterizes him. He always looks sharp and classy

Source : Heartstapps

3.Shawn Mendes
A younger one of the list, but his style is refined. Always wearing well fitting suits and experimenting with different patterns and styles.

Source : GQ Magazine

2.Ryan Reynolds
An obvious choice for this list, not only does he have stunning good looks but his style is perfection. Refined and sophisticated he is always photographed in impeccably tailor suits or cool and comfortable every day wear.

Source : D’MARGE

1.Virgil Abloh
CEO of Off-White and now creative director of men’s Louis Vuttion, he is at the top of fashion currently. He brings style to a whole new level in both his designs and his personal style. If you want something cutting edge take inspiration from him.

Source : Super Selected


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