7 Spring and Summer Trends for Him

The fashion industry continues to evolve. We welcome new trends and unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to the old fashion fads that eventually became unflattering. Late in 2016, the 80s trend in fashion is making a huge comeback within the industry, influencing a lot of designers to incorporate these types of style in their new collection.

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1. Sneakers (but different)

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Gloriously white sneakers are saying goodbye this 2017, and a more artistic and playful take on this classic favorite are slowly dominating the fashion world. Starting from the collection first introduced by Gucci late in 2016, white sneakers adorned with patches, embroidered flowers, and embellishments are now available in the market.

Famous people, and those who wanted to upgrade their wardrobes started leaning on to using this footwear a lot recently.
There is no reason not to be in love with them, though. It’s still the white sneakers we all fell in love with, but this time, with a twist.

2. Stripes

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Considered to be a classic, stripes is a trend that never goes out of style. It survived the fast turnover of trends in the fashion industry, and continues to inspire more designs crafted by couturiers worldwide.
Indeed, stripes can make a boring outfit look incredible and more put together, and it also highlights assets, for example, wearing a top with vertical stripes can help the person look taller and appear more slender.
This 2017, fashion world’s favorite black and white stripes are taken into the next level by designers playing with different colors, sizes, and garment textures to incorporate this timeless pattern.

3. Denim

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Skinny jeans are also bidding adieu this 2017. Frayed, flared, boot-cut, and wide-legged hems are only a few of the designs making a comeback this year. Jeans that also look more like it’s vintage are beginning to be popular once again in the fashion world, and it’s not hard to see why. These pairs of vintage jeans are classic, that you have the option to either dress it up or down.

4. Embroidered

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With the minimalist approach towards fashion is slowly fading, a new take to add a more distinctive style to clothing is incorporating few embellishments. Even the men’s wear collection for this year and season are completely utilizing this concept by adding intricately embroidered design and accents to different clothing pieces. Designers like Alessandro Michele for Gucci incorporated this type of design to the usual men’s wear staples.

There is no doubt that these kinds of adornment can give a clothing its own personality and can add a touch of liveliness compared to a plain piece of garment.


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Neutral colors took 2016 by storm and it is not too long that 2017 is following its predecessor’s foot prints. This year, pastel colors made its biggest break in the fashion industry that even men have started to wear clothes with ice cream-like hues and dreamy colors. Indeed, this kind of trend will make a huge impact in the world of fashion because it’s a statement and a fresher take against the usual color scheme for men—solid, dark, and monotonous.

6. Windbreakers

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Last year, athleisure became one of the biggest trends in the fashion scene. This year, the usual gear worn during outdoor adventures is becoming a closet staple for most fashion forward people: the windbreaker. Typically worn for hiking, or in doing any type of extreme outdoor activity, the windbreaker today does not only serve that particular purpose, but rather, it’s now used to make a certain outfit a statement.

However, people might be wondering if it is okay to wear these type of clothing, especially now that it’s nearing summer, well, designers and fast-fashion companies came up with the idea creating windbreakers using lightweight fabric that is also breathable, so you don’t have to worry about sweating and feeling uncomfortable.

7. Camouflage

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Camouflage, khakis, and more neutral colors are truly taking over the runway that even world-renowned designers are using this concept, incorporating it to their shows and collections. One notable fashion show that left a mark during fashion week in Milan this 2017, Moschino introduced yet again another marvellous collection that involved the use of military camo.

Indeed, camouflage can add that particular character in an outfit, or can simply make any plain outfit look edgier and with personality.

Written by
Patricia Magno

Credits; Gucci, Saint Laurent, Levi’s, Diesel, Asos, Scotch and Soda


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