A Gallery Of Dreams: Z Zegna’s Summer Collection Features Exquisite Deluxe Sportswear

Deconstructed jackets, bombers, raincoats and more is what portrays Z Zegna’s Summer. An outdoor “comfy-chic romance” and a pretty sporty one too – weather permitting, of course!

Chidozie Obasi

Zegna’s family own a rich passion for tennis, sport which played a pivotal role for this season. Combining performance-backed tailoring with sportswear, the collection reinterprets the tennis courts that have made history. A pastel collage of fresh apparel is given birth to, with an enhancement of fabrics, in contrast with vivid and saturated tones.


Chromaticity becomes crucial: ranging from shades of cobalt, sky blue, green and yellow, the palette acquires the tones of a full-on tennis court. Not to forget the strong statement given by the vibrancy of summer tones such as turquoise, aquamarine, nay and grey, a classic Zegna’s menswear staple.

Overall silhouettes are layered, lengthened and light, with a volume appearing softer and more rounded. The holistic tailoring is structured; though, the textures are often deconstructed, with a prevailing cluster of blazers and techno logo trousers.

An unbeatable sartorial craving.



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