A grey day in layers

Matthias Geerts

Hi Guys,

New day, new outfit. It might be sunny out there today but last weekend it was grey and cold when I went to shoot this outfit.

Grey weather is actually the best weather to shoot something; professional photographers or some bloggers will agree with that. You can do everything in this weather and manipulate your pictures exactly the way you like.
On a grey day your outfit will reflect better, the colors will be more uniform and you don’t have to worry about shadows. Only downside, it’s cold and not pleasant to strike pose or take of some parts to show off everything you’re wearing. Anyway shooting in the sun can be nice too but I guess in Belgium we are used to this grey weather and we just have to be a bit more creative to do something original with it.
Actually, I have no idea how other people feel about taking pictures on grey days, maybe they prefer the sunny weather.

Enough about grey days, let’s see what I actually layered a few days ago!
I was wearing one of my (new) coats from L.B.M 1911 that I still didn’t wear and kind of regret that right now because I really love how it looks in the pictures. It would have been a nice eye catcher for the fashion weeks. Furthermore it fits great, it’s warm and it’s comfortable to wear.  
Combined with navy chinos, a classic V-neck sweater and a fresh shirt. Without the coat it looks like a very old school university look but with the coat it makes you look like a true gentleman. Moreover, you can combine it with whatever color you like! 🙂

Now peace out, have to work on some articles for next week! 😉

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Coat (c/o L.B.M 1911) – Chino (Asos) – Shirt (c/o Scapa World)
Pull (c/o Scapa World) – Shoes (c/o Sacha)
Watch (c/o Calvin Klein)


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