A To-Watch“Street-a-Porter” King: Meet Georg Mallner

Austrian-born Digital Content Creator, Georg Mallner recalls an exquisite eye for visual aesthetics, mostly used to feed his digital platforms through his superb photographic knowledge. Opting for a minimalistic approach to both is clothing and imagery styles, Mr. Mallner kindly offered to speak to us!

Chidozie Obasi

Hello there, would you like to briefly introduce yourself?

Hey! I was born and raised in Austria, and I moved to Germany in 2012. I’ve lived a huge fragment of my life swinging between Berlin and Hamburg. I try to travel quite often by visiting countless places for long periods of time. On one of my latest trips to Lisbon, I

managed to stay for over a month in order to familiarise myself with the city to the fullest.

In my opinion, by travelling one can broaden and embrace a vastity of cultural and social values.

What’s your background and your professional journey?

I currently work as a Photographer, Content Creator and Personal Shopper.

In addition, I carry out further creative projects such as children books, particularly by producing the visuals which go alongside the written narrative. I adore working in different sectors of the Fashion system, as I get a better overview of how this world functions. In the early years, I began working in editorial post-production, role which subsequently led me to progress onto working in an agency. Straight after that, I started working as a Photographer and e-commerce Stylist.


Since a very young age, I became totally interested in aesthetics as I loved photographing, aspect which I felt opened my vision for Fashion.

However, it takes a lot of confidence being able to express yourself and find the courage to rock a certain clothing style, particularly if you’re from a small town or village.

I always wanted to look good: it wasn’t to please others, I just did it for myself.

And I guess that’s the key. Don’t try to impress others, feel comfortable wearing your best apparel.


Fancy another tip? Wear it BASIC. Chic trousers styled with a minimal t-shirt, a turtleneck and leather sneakers will never fail you. Don’t get crazy with colours if you’re unable to combine them.


My journey started with posting pictures on a platform called Lookbook.

Back in the day, it was a big deal and it was also the best way to showcase your new purchases.

Soon after that, I started building my Instagram and carried on building it up ever since then.

How would you define your style?

I’d say chic and minimalistic, tending more towards chic though. I love elegant looks – not when they’re extremely mainstream – yet, there always must be a twist. With my minimalist way of dressing, I’m majorly prepared for every sort of occasion.

What are your key sources of inspirations?

In terms of style inspirations, they spread in many directions. I am mostly attached to the 60’s and 70’s style. I do not replicate the looks head-to-toe, but one can surely find details coming from those years when looking at what I wear!

Instagram @georgxm


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