A Wondrous E-Trip To The Italian Suburbs: Everything You Need To Know – But Mostly, Visit!

Oh, hi folks! Here’s a sneaky question: how much are you all yearning Summer?

Chidozie Obasi

By a show of hands -or better, a handful of clicks since we’re talking about online stuff– how many of you are eager to get absorbed by the balminess of a tropical safari, or even better, fly to a blissful Greek island rich of spectacular dishes, astounding cultures and translucent waters?

I know, our work lives are of utter importance -of course, expenses do occur and by all means, are not to be neglected. Our kids, family and relatives constitute a focal part of our lives too. The pause button, at times, comes in handy: a holiday -of a shorter or lengthier kind- isn’t an option to be fully scribbled off from your seasonal agendas.

Busy or less, utopic or tangible, instagrammable or not: escaping to some of the globe’s yet unknown destinations could be the culminating point to your repetitious post-shift feels.

Perhaps, if you want to have a chilled one this time round, why not head to the suburbs of northern Italy? A realm of placidity and ceaseless tranquillity: a full-on detox for your ever so frantic habits.

Though, if you’re party-weary: admire the ineffable beauty of the below shown places and, well I simply suggest you should start making your way to the travel agency…

Villa Pisani

Built around the 18th century, Villa Pisani was founded to celebrate the election of a Pisani Doge of Venice, the city’s 114th sovereign. The palace has been designed to accommodate 114 rooms. The structure is much more imposing and formal than most villas located in the region; it’s a majestic place which was built to impress visitors, likewise for entertaining aims. Visitors can tour the piano nobile (first floor) of the Villa, going over the external rooms and overlooking the ground. Subsequently, it’s possible to go through the fascinating ballroom with its mind-blowing overblown frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo. Moreover, one of the prettiest lodgings is the Napoleon’s bedroom, completed by a little four-poster bed.

Villa Badoer

Just a few hours from Venice, Villa Badoer was built in the 16th century. Designed and curated by Andrea Palladio, its purpose was to honour the Venetian Noble Francesco Badoer. Ever since 1996, the Villa has been Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first floor still retains original frescos decorations. All the rooms are covered by ceilings, with abstract drawings of allegorical figures whose significance remains somewhat ambiguous. Critics state that the internal facets are relatively monotonous and mediocre, compared to the lavish exteriors.

Villa Godi

The reasons to admire this architectural wonder are plenty. Founded on the 16th century, it was meant to become the epicentre of a agricultural estate of almost five hundred fields inherited by the noble family, formerly residing in the Villa. The sophistication of the exteriors marked Palladio’s signature style present in the aesthetic. The melodic ensemble of both the landscape and architecture, till present date, does not seem to have recessed its meaning and allure.



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