Mattgstyle.com is the fresh voice of influencer and entrepreneur Matthias Geerts and his team of creatives.

You might have noticed a little transformation. This is the old Mattgstyle but with an improved visual design and editorial conversation. We remain a platform with the focus on menswear, luxury travel and lifestyle. Better yet, we are expanding every day and new topics find their way to our feed regularly. Apart from the menswear section, you will also find some grooming and interior tips written by a team of editors. Furthermore, we often invite guest editors to talk about their area of expertise to have an even wider variety of topics.

Matthias – born and bred in Antwerp, Belgium started this platform as a personal blog to share his passion for fashion and to show his own personal style. Since its foundation in 2013, the website has evolved from a personal blog to a popular online magazine, yet the goal has remained the same: inspire people by writing about our passion and personal thoughts. This supported by a series of pictures to immerse our readers in the story behind the articles. When it comes to fashion Matthias believes the clothes you wear are a resemblance of who you are and he thinks people will show more attention if you are wearing something cool or sophisticated. “Elegance is the art of being astonishing without creating astonishment”. In other words, the goal is not to attract attention but to give people a good feeling by the way you look. Matthias has worked with various big fashion brands but also with lifestyle and sports brands, large hotel groups and well-known tourist agencies. Examples include Hogan, Breitling, Montblanc, Tommy Hilfiger, Indonesia Travel and many more. 

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