Acne Studios’ Latest Seasonal Offering Is An One To Subversive Minimalism

Chidozie Obasi


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Swedish-founded label Acne Studios has embraced a rather subversive approach this season, offering a collection that fully epitomises a distinctive twist to what’s ordinary seen on the brand’s garments.

Custom staples include lightweight overshirts paired up with slouchy tailored blazers, invigorated by flared-out silhouettes – eponymous for slick-comfort. There are still plenty of conformed proportions and patterns within the collection, as seen in the checked blazers and traditional fastenings details. One-tone ensembles anchor some of the more daring looks, encompassing lustrous parkas and woollen lapel blazers, created through the use of shimmery detailing. Patterns are a further go-to statement, without neglecting fringed ponchos, skirts, panelled trench coats and tank tops, providing an organic feel to the apparel. Bulky boots, bare-toed mules and wacky sneakers enrich the eclectic range augmenting a contemporary flair, which goes to complement the sense of meek hyperbole encapsulated this season.

Check out some of this season’s looks in the gallery so you’re in the know…

Image credits : NOWFASHION


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