Adding gold to your interior

Matthias Geerts

Welcome to my first interior post. I hope you will like it and that you can share your ideas and stories with me. This is going to be a whole new adventure and I literally can’t wait. In the beginning I’m going to keep it all very personal as this is going to be about our interior very soon. You’ve read that right.
I got some very excited news, me and Dennis are going to live together.

For me this is all pretty new, interior posts and so… I’ve always had a huge intrest for interior I’ve even followed a few interior blogs, one of my favorites; Bright Bazaar. I’ve got loads of ideas and inspiration, but the hardest thing or let’s say the most fun thing to do would be to translate it correctly in real life. I’m only 22 years old and I’m super grateful for how much I’ve travelled already, having seen so many different places and saw so much things across the globe. I was lucky enough to have visited so numerous hotels which gave me a lot of inspiration to create my own idea of how a perfect apartment would look like.

I know as soon as I’m starting with decoration my own apartment or house I’m going to do it in a particular way. – I love traveling so much, and every time I’m amazed of how interior architects decorated their hotels. – For my own apartment I wanted to create the same feeling I get when I check-in in a new luxury hotel. However not too classy because you know, it’s still home. It has to be conformable and give you the home coming feeling.

For the living space I want to do that little bit extra. Luxury materials, dark tones of walls, wall decoration, a few gold decoration things and plants. Lots of plants, because they create the home coming feeling in my opinion – Then it looks less hotel… The hardest part will be to not overdo the golden stuff. I really like gold decoration, but I know I have to be carfeul with it and add only the minmum. Otherwise it might be too kitch.

Please scroll through, and have a glimpse of how I want to decorate my living space.


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