Matthias Geerts

Hi Guys,
Today I’m wearing a new supercool tee by Addmyberry!
Addmyberry is a new brand based in Antwerp.
It’s the first brand that allows users to communicate with each other!!
Every type of merchandise from Addmyberry has a QR-code; these codes allow you to discover a story that lies behind it. Each one is unique and has a different message.
So for example, if you see someone very hot on your favorite festival and you don’t want to use a lame opening line you can ask “What’s the story behind your tee?” and you will immediately have something to talk about!
And it’s definitely better then “Hey you, you’ve got nice eyes!”
If you are attending Tommorowland 2014, I will be wearing my #Addmyberry!
So if you bump into me, we will have a chat about our stories!
Wear #addmyberry, the brand that connected people!
Feel free to share on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram…
Matt G

I’m wearing:
Dark Pants (Zara) – t-shirt (c/o Addmyberry)
Sneakers (Nike)


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