And Why Neglect Anti Fashion? The Emerging Designer Subverting The Rules Of Denim

Tape it, Patch it or Sew it? I suppose this designer knows it all.


Chidozie Obasi


Ethan Lindsay is a ground-breaking young talent, who addresses denim with avant-garde mannerism. From patchwork to surface pattern, one can explore a multitude of techniques amongst his ravishing creations.

His style is critically centred around the anti-fashion and grunge side of current trends. Ethan unceasingly champions a raw status of beauty, hinting towards a tactic of textural deconstruction.

The denim picks are eclectic and wide-ranging, not to mention the chromatic selection which involves a succulent tonal scale of blues and greys enriched by radiant fastenings. The latest collection comprises a varied range of textures and outlines, able to gratify the fervour of his target audience.

Moreover, further admiration for his practice abides in the sustainable attitude behind his artistic buzz: turning a geriatric piece of denim into something fresh, original and almost poetical as each reworked piece acquires a brand-new gaze to it.

Afterall, Mr. Lindsay did us proud: a natty deconstructivist, owning a revolutionary thirst for all-things jagged.


Photo credit : Louis Flashman


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