Are Clogs The Next Big Thing?

Noah Sapon

The traditional Dutch footwear made partly or completely from wood could be the quirky new item we’re about to start seeing everywhere.  Clogs have been about for centuries, originally designed as a protective footwear for miners and farmers, but they have never really been adopted by the mainstream, until recently.  Especially since SS20, I’ve started to see clogs being worn more and more in fashion.

Paria Farzaneh included the wooden-soled shoes in her SS20 show during London Fashion Week.  Hers combined the traditional wood sole with an animal print/fur-esque layer on the ‘upper’.


Another designer who decided to involve clogs in their SS20 show was Californian designer, Matthew Williams, from Alyx Studios.  Matthew had a variety of different clogs, all of which had a black or white leather ‘upper’ and wooden sole.  Some of his had a chain over the front while some were left with a more simplistic design.


Rick Owens has also released several different clog designs in his collaborative collections with Birkenstock, coming with wooden or cork soles and leather or suede ‘uppers’.


Who knows whether or not we’ll be seeing these around throughout this upcoming autumn/winter season, but I would definitely be prepared to see them fairly soon as the hype for them is slowly but steadily picking up!


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