Are Flannels A Must Have Piece For This Winter Season?

Noah Sapon

With winter suddenly upon us, everyone is desperately searching for some cozy attire to get them through the frosty season – but what are this seasons essentials?  Recently I’ve noticed a large increase in the amount of people wearing variations of flannel shirts.

The warm woolen pieces can be traced back to 17th century Wales, when farmers used to wear them as protection from the elements but, like most things, they’ve been heavily adopted by the fashion industry and have become a bit of a must-have piece in your wardrobe!

Streetwear brands such as Off White, Amiri and Needles have been really popular for their flannels in the last few years which brought them to the mainstream.  This year, however, I’ve seen a lot of variations of the flannel shirt, such as flannel jackets and even flannel prints in interior design.

Flannel prints are very popular on bed sheets and cushions, especially during the Christmas season; the style brings a cozy, warm feel to a room and, often in red or green, the colours also give connotations of the Christmas period.

Flannel prints are definitely going to be a piece we see often this winter, with interior going hand in hand with fashion, we can expect to see the pattern everywhere!



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