#BeinSouthAfrica Challenge


I’ve travelled many places the last couple of years and discovered some of the most beautiful treasures the world has to offer. However, once you start travelling you will notice how large the world is and how many places there are to discover. I guess that is why many people start making a bucket list filled with far destinations. It nurtures your dreams and gives you a profound goal in life. I am one of those people with that kind of bucket list. The undiscovered destination standing at the top of that list is South Africa. I guess this does not need much explanation since South Africa has such a rich and variable offering. First of all, everyone knows how beautiful their nature and wild life is. Who doesn’t want to see a lion or an elephant in its natural habitat? Next, South Africa offers some great city life in Cape Town and Johannesburg filled with trendy festivals and food bars. And lastly, you can make the most gorgeous road trips along the wine valleys and coastline. South Africa has it all and that is why it is such a dreamy destination.

And while it’s freezing and we’re getting blown away by the crazy winter weather in Belgium, I am super happy to announce that I can give a chance to make this dream come through. How? Well, during the whole month of March there is a #BeinSouthAfrica challenge you can enter. With this challenge, you can win a return flight for two to… South Africa! Furthermore, it is pretty simple to enter this challenge. All you have to do is to make a photo, looking as you are in South Africa (while actually being in Belgium) and post this picture on Instagram with the hashtag #BeinSouthAfrica.

Here is how I did it. I put on my safari shirt and I went to the Antwerp Zoo. Once there, I started searching for the big five. After a short ‘Dora the explorer’-adventure, I soon discovered that the animals where all hidden inside from the cold winter weather. I couldn’t make a picture with a giraffe or elephant, but fortunately there were plenty of good backdrops in the Antwerp Zoo to make it look as if I was in a South African landscape. Have a look below to see the result. Credible enough? I think some of you are at least as creative or funny to make an even better picture than me. So come on: enter this challenge and win a return flight to South Africa! The most creative entree wins. The winner will be announced the first week of April. Good luck and let the most creative photo win!

photo credits : https://theblondeabroad.com/20-photos-to-inspire-you-to-visit-south-africa/


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