Matthias Geerts

Hi guys,

Mister Men provided me with another great outfit. 
It’s smart and chic with playful details. 
I’m wearing an all blue outfit. 
If you’re following me for a while now it must be quite obvious that navy blue is my favorite
 color to wear. Navy always gives certain richness to your outfit and the breast pocket 
handkerchief gives my blazer that bit of extra flair. 
To make the outfit more playful I’m wearing this lovely shirt with small blue bicycles on it. 
Its playful but still sophisticated and this is what mister man has to offer. 

Mister men is for men who are fashion-conscious, 
not mainstream thinking and that are paying attention to their appearance. 
It’s a clothing store with a café in the middle and hip music in the background. 
Mister men is the shop where men do like to come.  
To celebrate their one-year anniversary they are offering 10% discount on all their clothing
 on 12-13-14 February so don’t forget to come by.
Cheers my friends and thanks for reading,

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I’m wearing:
Blazer (c/o by Mr. Men) Shirt (c/o by Mr. Men)
Belt (c/o by Mr. Men) – Trousers (c/o by Mr. Men)
Headphone (c/o by Mr. Men) – Bracelets (c/o Braca Bracelets)
Shoes (c/o Frank Wright)


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