Camouflage nike

Matthias Geerts

Hi Guys,

A few weeks ago Zalando Belgium contacted me for a collaboration.

That really made my day, because they are quite a big company and I felt really honored!
So I went immediately to the site to choose a new pair of shoes! is such an easy and clear site!
They have lot’s of categories which makes it really easy to find a specific item!

Anyway I choose some sneakers and they arrived within 2 days to my place.

That was really quick.. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size which was my fault I thought a 42 will be fit but yeah, Stupid me.. haha
But this was the perfect excuse to test the retour service of!
I just used the sticker, that was in the box, to return it.. It was totally free and I had my voucher back in One day!!!
Now I could choose another pair! That’s when I laid my eyes on these awesome sneakers of Nike, I fell in love!
I ordered them and again, within two days and I had my awesome Nike sneakers.. Love them!
I will definitely shop more on and I also recommend it to you!
About the outfit, I chose for some sportive, casual look!
Because in my cool sneakers is some black, I picked a black leather jacket, that looks cool on any outfit!
My trousers are grey, also matched the sneakers and my green sweater from Zara matches the camouflage very well!
I’m sure you can find these items back on they are selling a lot more than shoes only!

Check it out! 😉 

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Matt G

I’m wearing:

Grey trouser (Asos) Leather Jacket (River Island)
Sneakers (c/o Nike by Zalando)
Pull (H&M) – Bracelets (H&M) – Belt (Tommy Hilfiger)


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