Matthias Geerts

Hi guys,

Another day, another look. 
I feel a little sick today, the cold has finally caught me. 
So today I’m staying inside in the hope to get better soon 
since I’m leaving on a ski trip this weekend. 
Luckily I still have a look for you that I shot last weekend. 

The camouflage print doesn’t seem to leave the runways 
and has almost become a must-have piece in your wardrobe.
Although I’m not really into this trend I combined it in my look with a couple of details. 
Though the pattern is more commonly associated with outdoorsmen in a more casual style, 
I used it to bring a smart twist to my dapper outfit. 
The tie and handkerchief are both in the camo-print 
and my brown blazer matches nicely with them. 
The blazer has this rigid felt texture that makes the outfit ever more though.  

Try to smarten up your outfit to a cool print like I did. You can choose for a floral, 
camouflage, dotted or even crazy figures as a print, it doesn’t matter, it just depends on your
 style and your mood. 

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I’m wearing:
Blazer (c/o Scapa) Shirt (c/o Tommy Hilfiger)
Belt (c/o Tommy Hilfiger) – Jeans (Hollister Co.)
Tie (c/o bows ‘n ties) – Pocket Sqaure (c/o Chanman)
Shoes (c/o Sacha) – watch (c/o Komono)


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