Cape Town

Dennis Van Peel

Fancy a perfect Winter escape? Cape Town – and in general South Africa – is the ultimate go-to. Although the travel time is a bit much coming from Europe – and even further from the USA – the city itself will erase this in a heartbit. May not be the safest place in the world, but where is during times of political and social uncertainty?

Want to know how to spend a few days full of activities at the most Southern point of Africa? Plunge away!

Start the day by wandering around at the Oranjemarkt and enjoying breakfast or lunch. All the best food spots of the city are having their own stand, serving their specialities. From acai bowls to egg croissants and falafel wraps. The market is also a perfect place to stock food such as bakery goods, fruits and vegetables. Be aware that the market only takes places on Wednesday morning/noon and Saturday evening.

When you’re full of energy, take a walk towards the Waterfront. This recently opened area is the perfect spot to shop, walk around or enjoy a ride in the wheel of Capetown. It’s also possible to book a (sunset) boat tour, but this is accessible as well by using the app Getyourguide (that’s how we did it).

A car ride away from the Waterfront is Cambs Bay. At this beach, you’re able to spot the most magnificent sunsets, despite the loony weather conditions.

Walk from there to Paranga Restaurant and enjoy the most tantalising dishes. Ask for a table at the Beachwalk to see the sky turning orange to red until the sun finally disappears.

If you’re into surfing, Muizenberg is the perfect spot for you. Being the surf paradise of Capetown, Muizenberg is a cosy small village locating famous, colourful beach houses. On the way back to Cape Town, you’ll pass Penguin beach. If you’re into animals, make a stop and go watch these little guys doing their daily swims and walks on the beach.


The perfect way to end this day? Doing a sunset boat trip and watch the sun going down over Cape Town.

After spending some time in Cape Town, you’ll probably have the feeling to enjoy the food a bit too much and doing almost no sports. A morning hike will definitely make you feel better in this case! We opted for a hike at Lion’s head, but it’s also feasible to walk the Table Mountain. Start early, before it gets crowded and too hot.

Take a ride to Clifton Beach, known as the most beautiful beach of Cape Town and enjoy a dripping beach day. Great places for dinner in the evening? Black Sheep restaurant, Seed & Circus, La Tête or Cafe Paradiso are recommended.

Fancy wine? Make a day trip to Stellenbosch and get ready to learn more about the Winery history of South Africa. Oldenburg is one of those vineyards with an elegant view and many tasting options. If you’re into some food to get back sober after spending the whole day drinking wine, have dinner at the Fat Butcher in the centre of Stellenbosch.

The best period to visit Cape Town is from October to March, during their Summer period. After March, it’s getting colder and there is more chance of rain. Greenpoint of Seapoint are the best possible areas to stay. These are more safe, close to the centre and near many restaurants and bars.

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