Cashmere in Austria

Matthias Geerts

Hi Guys,

I’m getting back on track with the blog, as you have noticed already on my social media I’m currently in Austria for a getaway with the family and some snowboard fun. My outfits aren’t that fancy at the moment but I’m really enjoying that casual laid-back mood especially after 4 weeks of dressing up for the fashion weeks. What better to wear than a warm cashmere hoodie during these cold mornings in Austria?

Eric Bompard is known for their cashmere pieces, they produce only 100% cashmere garments.
I’m mostly dress formal, but because Eric Bompard is known for their high quality items I went for something totally different, something young, something you don’t see that often on the streets.
A cashmere hoodie, and I must say it’s soft as a baby’s bottom and it’s my new favorite hoodie!

Oh and I just noticed it’s on sale, so be quick! 😉








I’m wearing:

Cashmere hoodie (c/o Eric Bompard) – Tee (All Saints)
Jeans (Calvin Klein)


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