Casual Friday!

Matthias Geerts

Hi Guys,

Not all days can have a special occasion or an exclusive party. Therefore it is important to have good quality casual clothing that fit comfortable for everyday life. Since clothes are something you wear daily it is essential to have some good basics to mix and match. However, a basic item is not about having something in one plain color that matches with many things, the most important thing about basics is that they have a good fit for your body type.

Bonobo wear was one of the brands that understood the necessity of a great fit and that’s why they came up with a distinctive and unique waistband that fits the natural shape of your waistline. It gives you a bitter fitting, more flattering cut and a perfect medium rise that creates the complete and ideal fit.

This doesn’t only go for the trousers but all for their shirts, T-shirts and sweaters that have the right connection to your body for a clean and comfortable fit. Bonobo wear is a brand that you should take into account when you buy casual and basic clothing.  They offer a wide range of great fit options for all body types and preferences. Furthermore they offer great customer service.

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Pull (c/o Bonobo Wear) – Trousers (c/o Bonobo Wear) – Shirt (c/o Bonobo Wear)
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