Cebu City

My first thoughts of Cebu City were like “damn what a busy place”! But comparing with Manila it was nothing, especially the traffic there was way worse. Manila traffic is just impossible! – The fact we loved Cebu more then Manila might have to do with the weather. While strolling through Cebu City the sun was always shining brightly. And at the end of the evening, right before we headed out for dinner, the sun disappeared slowly behind the city edge creating a beautiful sunset as result! We did some fashion shots with this beautiful sunlight and made some with the drone around the church.

We tried the number one fast food chain in the Philippines, Jollibee. It’s basically the McDonald’s of the Philippines and the food was quite good, but than again it’s still fast food… Furthermore Cebu City has some great malls too. We visited two of them named the SM City Cebu and the SM Seaside. In the first one we went fashion shopping as I needed long trousers because I only packed two and realized I wanted to have more options lol.
Later during our stay in Cebu we visited the other one too because we were looking for a new drone as I crashed our old one at the Kawasan falls – read that story here – but sadly we couldn’t find one. This mall is one of the newest (and biggest) in the Philippines but also in Asia. So it wasn’t fully occupied by stores yet.

Cebu City has many things to offer, try out the street food and take some nice street shots it’s a vibrant city!


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