Changing Seasons!

Matthias Geerts

Hi Guys,

Changing of the seasons, trees are coloring yellow, orange, red and brown. It is my favorite part of autumn. I love it when the trees look like they are on fire.
But by now, you guys probably already know I like autumn.

Not too cold but still cold enough to layer up without having to wear a big fat jacket to keep warm. Because, one of the downsides of being a blogger is that you have to show your entire outfit no matter the weather circumstances. Rain or freezing temperatures, we go outside for that perfect shot!

Also the fashion colors during autumn are more my cup of tea. For example dark brown, green and red. But enough talks about the season, today I’m wearing white sneakers, very trending for quite a while now, together with some ripped jeans and my favorite sweater from the new collection of H&M by David Beckham.
Deep red and soft as a kittens fur!

Enjoy your Saturday! 😉

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I’m wearing:
Jeans (Hollister Co.) – Pull (c/o H&M)
Sneaker (c/o Lacoste)


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