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Hi everyone,

What a horrible weather these recent days. That period of the year where days are getting shorter and the rain is pouring. This is really not my thing. It’s as if the weather gods decide to make everyone very depressed between the sweet late summer and the joyful Christmas period. At times like this I wish I lived on the other side of the planet, in LA or Sydney, cities where the climate is always nice and where the fashion scene always continues to run at full speed. Oh well, I should not complain too much but still, I really love the idea, maybe that’s something for later, because at the moment it is still hard to leave everything behind here and plunge into such an exciting adventure.

Nonetheless, it gives me the opportunity to show you a pretty layered outfit. Today, I’m wearing Profuomo, a family company from the Netherlands, which has made it their mission since their launch in 1934 to make quality garments with attention to every step of the design and production process. With their experience of three generations, they guarantee the class of the past but always with one eye on the future.

Their experience is reflected for instance in my shirt, the collar is manufactured from one piece which makes it stay upright very well when it is worn with open nod. The blazer is also very lovely, it is traditional but still quite striking, it gives extra self-confidence and personality to the entire look.

To complete my outfit I’m wearing a very classy watch from Paul Hewitt. The brand stands for timeless chic that meets a northern attitude to life. The brand is inspired by the maritime lifestyle. This expresses itself by the vivid colors, timeless design and distinct quality. Paul Hewitt is sincere and authentic. Furthermore it is unique comparing to similar timeless watch brands. So guys, it is time to get anchored and buy one of these watches by Paul Hewitt.

Now, let’s survive this dark week together, only one more day and we’re celebrating the weekend again! In other words, one night sleep and TGIF!

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I’m wearing

Total look (c/o Profuomo) – Shoes (c/o Sacha)
Watch (c/o Paul Hewitt)


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