Coffee at Fabrica

Matthias Geerts


Fabrica, it was our first coffee-shop-stop – real coffee, no weed – we did in Lisbon. After we’ve wandered ¬†around for a few hours and saw that¬†viewpoint and Pink Street. Along the way we also saw many other cute typical Lisbon streets. However, after all that walking were in need of some fresh coffee. Oh and a Pastel De Nata. In fact this was the first one I tried and tasted in Lisbon, and it was good.

I took the opportunity to tast them everywhere I came, Lotte couldn’t stand the word “Pastel De Nata” anymore after our trip. – Fabrica is a really cool hipster place to have coffee so definitely worth visiting when you’re in the neighborhood.


When in Lisbon #coffee

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The one we did;

Rua das Flores 63, 1200-193 Lisboa, Portugal


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