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Tisja Geerts


Hello, my name is Tisja Geerts, sister of Matthias and I’m back in business.
Well let’s say I’ll try to run the girl’s corner as much as possible for the female readers of! 😉

I’m 18 years old and I would like to inspire other people with looks on a daily basis. Together with tips and tricks on how to rock a cool outfit but still keeping it affordable. Furthermore I’ll be writing about new trends and hot items of the moment.

My style is very versatile from casual to formal chic, I will show you outfits for every occasion! I’m still in high school and I’m learning about hair and beauty. When I’m graduated I would love to do something big with it, maybe start my own company, salon or whatsoever. This would be amazing, but you never know what will happen along the way.

My ultimate travel destination is Italy. Funny because it’s the same as my brother’s, maybe we have Italian roots, who knows… What I do know is that I love the atmosphere, the villages, the people and of course the food.
Also in fashion Italy is one of my favorite countries with the best fashion houses and a big influence worldwide.

Today I’m wearing a cozy jumper from Old Harry. This brand is known for its high quality knitwear, perfect for when it becomes colder outside. It’s a cream colored jumper, a beautiful autumn shade and lovely to combine with a pair of jeans like I did. The look is very laidback, perfect for Sunday groceries or a heavy Friday at school. I would definitely advice you to try one of the jumpers of old Harry. They are of really high quality and very comfy to wear.

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