COS’ Easy-Breezy Newly Launched ‘Fits Speak Pure Minimalism  

Fight the midseason heatwave opting for slick yet comely apparel options – guaranteed your armpits will have zero regrets in regards…

Chidozie Obasi

COS has recently released a galore of lightweight, monotoned-styled garments for both men and women, to combat the scorching Summer days. The capsule counts a range of polos, women tees, knit tops, poplin shirts for men, paired up with elastic waist cotton shorts and fitted pants. Women can cheer their shopping thirst with draped neck blouses, dresses, skirts, cropped trousers and a vast assortment of accessories.

Well well, that was purely a mischievous glimpse into what the brand has brought on offer: if you’re a true minimalist hunter, perhaps trawling across the webstore won’t cause any major harm.

I mean, perhaps it might, but only to your wallets…


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