Crafting Poetry Through Words And Fashion: Gio Pellicer

Chidozie Obasi

Experimenting with the concepts of sensibility, art and rhymes, an idyllic spirit pulses through Gio Pellicer’s style. The Hispanic-born creative, Founder of Pellicer Estudio, retains an elegant yet sophisticated vision, discernibly translated into his apparel. Adopting a chic sartorial allure, the cuts of his tailored pieces acquire graceful shapes and tender volumes. On a different note, key silhouettes explore the themes of fluidity, blending menswear and womenswear rather finely.


We speak to Gio, quizzing the creative code that sits behind his astounding productions.


Hi there! Would you briefly like to introduce yourself?

Sure! My name is Gio Pellicer. I live by the Mediterranean coast in Valencia, Spain.

I am a 24-year-old Creative Director; however, I also write poetry. I wrote my first book “L’harmonie” when I was 17 years old and I am currently writing my second one called “Les Amoureux” – whilst I bring Pellicer Estudio to life.


When did you begin to approach fashion?

I have always been in touch with receptivity and lyrical stories, and I think fashion is simply about that. I guess I was never away from it.


How did Pellicer Estudio start?    

I founded it in early 2019 (yes, nearly a month ago) aiming to find a harmonious balance between fashion, art and poetry. The exclusive vintage fashion collection is carefully selected from unique places all around Europe such as Lisbon, Madrid, Brussels, Paris or Barcelona.


What is the focal concept behind it all?

Pellicer Estudio is a sort of universe aimed at another kind of garçon. A sensible and poetic one who dares to explore Romanticism and limits of masculine yet feminine beauty. It is a studio for vintage menswear, poetry and fashion editorials.


Where do you see it developing in 2019?

I would love to keep showing my perspective of menswear, through Fashion Editorials, Vintage Fashion or even self-designed collections.


What is your biggest satisfaction or your proudest successes so far?

The biggest satisfaction is seeing the constant reaction of the way people respond to Pellicer Estudio, from the concept, collections and fashion editorials.


What inspires you daily?

Nature, elegance and flowers. Vintage photographs and human bodies. Artists like Jean Cocteau and Henry Scott. I believe they sum up the core of what I stand for!


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